The Team

Global Learning Solutions, Inc. contracts with the best teaching professors in their fields.  If an instructor has passion for motivating and inspiring their students to learn the material, that can be translated into top notch educational materials.

The best courses begin with the best Subject Matter Experts, and we have a cross-disciplinary team of the best.

Our instructional designers translate the SME’s intent into interactive ideas.  They work with storyboard designers to then translate that information into instructions for the programmers.

Our team of seven programmers then translate the storyboards into action and create the experience.

We contract with the most nit-picky quality assurance people and editors.  Only once their feedback is implemented, and we are proud of the product, does it go back to you for your edits.

With our team of professionals, our promise to you is to provide an outstanding product while being respectful of your time.

You are in great hands.